2011-04-05 | Another review! | Fredrik Huldtgren

Not much we can say at the moment, we're working on getting more gigs the weeks surrounding the DONG festival. I'll post more when all is verified!

In the meanwhile, here's another review: Chronicles of Chaos - 8.5/10

Remember, you can still stream the entire new album for free here and our at our webshop you can purchase the CD, t-shirts, long sleeves, hoodies and package deals!

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2011-02-28 | DONG | Fredrik Huldtgren

On the 16th of July we will be playing at the DONG festival in Neukirchen-Vluyn in Germany! Other acts this year are Overkill, Iced Earth, Hatesphere, Dew Scented, Hackneyed, The Rotted and more! For more information visit www.dongopenair.de

We also have a new review for Menhir up from autothrall!

In addition to the gig at Dong, we are currently looking for more gigs in Germany around those dates, if you are interested in booking us, please send us a mail at info@entercanopy.com

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2011-02-09 | More reviews [French] | Fredrik Huldtgren

I found a new Menhir review up on the French site Le Chaunt Du Grillon! Another nice surprise was that they also had two other Canopy reviews!

Menhir review[French]
Serene Catharsis review[French]
Will and Perception review[French]


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2011-01-31 | Menhir reviews | Fredrik Huldtgren

For the curious, here are some reviews of our latest album:

MetalReview.com - 7.9/10
MetalReviews.com - 90/100
Metal.de 9/10 [German Only]
MetalNews.de - 6/7 [German only]

If you find any other reviews, please let us know!

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2011-01-30 | New shop up, new website coming! | Fredrik Huldtgren

So, as of today, all Canopy merch is available through the shop at Dissension.se

The website is also being redone, and will hopefully be up soon! As far as gigs are concerned, we have some things coming up, but nothing we can disclose at the moment, but soon my friends!

Until then, stream our new album MENHIR here and keep your eyes open!

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