2010-08-03 | MENHIR - TRACK LIST & RELEASE DATE | Fredrik Huldtgren

Our thirds full-length album Menhir will be released on the 14th of August 2010, first in digital format, whereafter a physical digipack release will follow. We are extremely pleased with the finished product and hope you will be too. Check out the Menhir mini-site at menhir.nu and stayed tuned for further updates!

01. Menhir
02. A Storm Within A Storm
03. Earth Splits Into Fire
04. New Construct
05. The Entire City
06. Inward Burst
07. Zenith

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2010-04-13 | Reviews for "Will and Perception" | Fredrik Huldtgren

Patience people!
Soon we will present lots of new things regarding the new album, in the meanwhile, here's another review!

7.9/10 - MetalStorm.net

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2009-11-05 | Another review | Fredrik Huldtgren

We will be posting more information about the upcoming Canopy album a bit later, right now we're listening to early mixes. Titles, artwork and samples will come in due time!

In the meanwhile, here's another review of "Will and Perception":

8/10 - Auththrall


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2009-10-21 | Studio Life | Jonatan Hedlin

As you may or may not know we've been very busy recording our third album (right in the midst of our second being released). We're currently wrapping up bass and guitar tracks, awaiting Fred's arrival tomorrow. The third album is due for a 2010 release, details will follow. It's the most diverse Canopy CD so far and shows a wider range of dynamics, not just the usual heavy/calm run-of-the-mill. Titles, artwork, samples and so on will show up in early 2010.

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2009-10-20 | Reviews for Will and Perception | Fredrik Huldtgren

We got a couple of reviews to share!

No Quote - MetalReviews.com

7.1/10 - MetalReview.com


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2009-10-05 | Gig(s) in Sweden | Fredrik Huldtgren

Well well,
I'm dropping by Sweden to do the final recordings for the new Canopy album, and while I'm there, we're taking advantage of the situation and doing some shows! We will play at Garage in Märsta on the 23rd of October. If things go as planned, we will have another gig around that weekend too, but more on that when we know!


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2009-09-28 | Another show booked | Fredrik Huldtgren

Hello everyone
Just a quick update to let you guys know that we now have another show booked in Holland. On the 4th of October, we will play at the Musicon in Den Haag! See you there!

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2009-09-21 | The website | Fredrik Huldtgren

Hello everyone!
Lately I've been doing some work behind the scenes of the website, and now we are starting to see the results. As a visitor you will most likely not notice much, but for us, it is now a lot easier to handle the website properly!
Hopefully this means that we can update more frequently! Also, the band section of the website is now up!

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2009-09-01 | More shows | Fredrik Huldtgren

So, some quick news then.

We have two new gigs to announce. Both of them taking place in The Netherlands. On the 2nd of October, we will invade The Cave (Amsterdam), and on the 3rd of October it is time for Brothers of Beer (Leiden). Originally we also had two concerts in Geneva lined up, but the police closed down the concert hall so that was sadly enough cancelled.

Last week, I was back up in Sweden to do the pre-recording of the new Canopy album. We ended up coming away with quite a number of songs finished, and a few more that are almost done. Towards the middle of September, Peter and Jonis will begin recording the drums. We are aiming to have the music done by mid-October. After that follows all the work with artwork and such. Based on our previous experiences, I won't go out with any estimate for when the CD will be ready for ordering, but know that we are working hard on getting it out to you as soon as possible!

Cheers and see you on the road!

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2009-07-27 | Webshop back up! | Fredrik Huldtgren

Hello again!
I just finished updating the webshop here again, and I can now gladly
say that we once again offer T-shirts for sale! I have also put in a
package deal(T-shirt+"Will and Perception" CD). If you are interested in
buying more than one T-shirt/CD, please get in touch with me. The
shipping is quite expensive so ordering in groups will pull the
price down quite a bit!

Other than that, we are at hard work in securing the last details for a
small European tour in the fall. Details will come soon!


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2009-07-20 | Will and Perception - 2009 | Fredrik Huldtgren

I just checked the FedEx tracking page, and apparantly the CDs are now at Jonatans place! For those of you interested in ordering a copy of the CD, the shop has been updated! I will be adding some combo deals later on this week. If you want to buy a t-shirt and a CD, please send us an e-mail for prices!

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2009-01-21 | Sleep | Jonatan Hedlin

As far as contact with the rest of the world goes - Canopy has been asleep for quite some time now. Our upcoming full-length CD "Will and Perception" has been delayed, and no gigs to be seen.

However, behind closed doors we have been working on new material and we have already planted the seeds of what will be the third Canopy observation on compact disc. Rest assured it will be something new and unexpected.

But lets stay in the present for a while. As I said, our second album Will and Perception is to be released in the coming months by Disconcert Music. This is by a far the Canopy-recording that we are most satisfied with to date, and includes 8 songs and circa 40 minutes of music.

Five of the songs hail from our acclaimed demo/EP "Will and Perception" from way back in 2005, but everything is rerecorded 2008. One song is the classic "Common Walls" from our 2004 demo "During Day One" and is not only rerecorded, but also heavilly re-arranged. The other two songs "Councels And Maxims" and "Riddance" are brand new explorations.

If you happen to already own the original demo/EP version of this album, feel free to listen to this audio-comparision. It should shed some light on the difference in those songs that are actually represented on both of these volumes.

And finally. We did book another gig! We're gonna be crushing souls at This Ending's release-party. Harry B James, Stockholm, 1st of February. Dont miss this chance.

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2008-01-28 | Drums Recorded

Peter did a great job in ghetto studios this weekend and nailed 9 songs in 14 hours. We'll move swiftly to recording rhythm guitars and bass in Sawmill studios, during next week. Don't miss the gig on friday!

2008-01-25 | One more Gig at Gula Villan

Canopy will host a party at Gula Villan, Haninge, on the 1st of February. Some good friends will share the stage with us: Chainsaw, Feared and Barbus.

2008-01-25 | Second Full-lenght

Today we entered the studio once again to record our second full-length release. This will actually be a full-length version of our second EP, Will and Perception. It will be entirely re-recorded, re-mixed and re-mastered. To put it simple: re-done. It will feature 8 songs, which are all arranged to fit into the Will and Perception theme together with the 5 original songs. The progress this far is setting up the drums for recording. Updates will follow.

2007-08-04 | Live pictures

We've updated the gallery with some new live pictures from the gig at Harry B James.
Many thanks to Gustaf Sandholm Andersson for taking the pictures.

2007-07-14 | Shop updated

The shop is now updated with the paypal buttons needed to buy the T-shirts!
We've also created a package deal (which will only be available for a limited time) that consists of the new T-shirt and the full length CD Serene Catharsis! Check out the shop for more details

2007-07-12 | Gig @ Harry B James and New Merch

Canopy will play Harry B James, central Stockholm, on the 25th of July together with Angrepp. We will bring at least one song never played live before, as well as some pieces of our brand new t-shirt. This new design is available in all sizes, S-XL, and is limited to a total of 50 pieces. Our online shop will soon be updated with this new shirt, but if you cant wait, contact us directly. More info in the canopy forum.

Finally, we'd like to point out that we are in the midst of the writing-phase for what is to become the second canopy full-length volume, be prepared.

2007-04-25 | Bålsta Gig

Pretty mild dose of updates lately around here. Mainly we have been working on two things, one is improving our live-sound at least one notch and the other is preparing material for the next Canopy recording. However, here comes a rare chance for some good old headbanging for ppl in Stockholm or Uppsala, Canopy will play Tinnitus UF in Bålsta on the 28th of April, this saturday.

2006-11-22 | Gig at Tantogården cancelled/postponed

Due to reasons beyond our control the gig at Tantogården on the third of February will not happen. However, we are working on setting up a new date with the same bill, hopefully in a not to distant future.

2006-11-22 | New review

A new review done by Nocturnal Horde has now been placed online. You can
read it here! On the 20th of December we will be playing at KTH together with
our good friends Chainsaw! Don't miss it!

2006-11-05 | Holy update Batman!

So we've neglected the website a bit here lately. Jonatan has moved ~1000km north of Stockholm, and I moved to a new apartment not too long ago! However, none of these geografical movments impact the machine that is Canopy! We just had a gig in Södertälje at Club Undertaker, together with Protectors and Vornth(A big fuck you to the retard in Vorth!). Live pictueres and comments will be up soon. Today we had a fotoshoot with Peter Herneheim and we've now got some really awsome pictures. We're going to do some work on them, and then post them out for you to see! Currently there are a few t-shirts left, in sizes M and L. If you're interested, check out the store! We're currently working on some new material, but it's too early to disclose much about the CD. All I can say at the moment is that it's going to be huge. As always, if you've got any questions or comments, drop by our forum!

2006-08-16 | Update in Band-section

A major update on the band-section. You'll notice som info is missing, and pherhaps there is still a graphic-glitch on the main-band page, but I'll try to fix this for the next update.

/ Jonatan

2006-08-14 | Curse of Metal with Vicous Art

On the 9th of September it is time for some serious headbanging in Jakobsberg as Canopy, Vicous Art and three other bands enter Hus1 on a night labeled "Curse of Metal". Check out the poster.

2006-07-16 | Apperance at Mølla music festival

We'll do our first abroad gig @ Mølla music festival in Norway on the 19th of August, sharing stage with experimental masterminds Arcturus. We are looking forward to trespassing norwegian soil! The festival spans over the 18th and 19th of August.

There are also 2 new reviews for Serene Catharsis, found in the media-section.

2006-07-10 | Site-launch

After some delays due to lack of time and technical issues (we're bloody musicians, not webdesigners) this new Canopy website has been pushed forward for a while, but as you can see it is finally available. There are still some issues around here, and we will probably be exterminating bugs for a while longer. And you'll have to excuse the empty bandpage for a while too.

In other news, we are looking into future live-possibilities in support of our new album, and we'll do all we can to play somewhere near you.

2006-06-26 | New CD and releaseparty

The first edition of Serene Catharsis is available for order! We will have a bigger release in the Americas this time, but you guys over there will have to wait a short while for things to sort up.

Last but not least, don't miss our intense releaseparty / gig @ Gula Villan in Haninge this friday! Since sweden didnt make it further in the world cup, there is nothing stoping you from leaving your homes on friday for some serious headbanging!

2006-04-29 | Gigs!

We'll be playing at Pub Anchor on the 4th of May. The other act for the night is Arise! Drop by and bang your heads off!

2006-04-06 | Long time no update!

Well, it's been quite some time since we updated the webpage, mainly due to the fact that we're incredibly busy working on the new album. Status right now is that all drums, bass and rhytm guitar have been recorded! Quite a bit of the lead guitar is done and we've started working on laying the vocals. A time with Peter in deBetou has been booked for mastering. Things are flowing by quite nicely!For those of you interested in ordering CDs, I can inform you that as of this date, there are only 2 copies of During Day One left! So please mail me before you order one!More news to come soon, the way things are looking right now, we should be signed before Serene Catharsis hits the shelfs!
As always, please join us at our forums for all the latest news!

2006-01-11 | Gig pictures!

I just got some pictures from the gig tonight at H62. Check em out here. There will be a report coming up soon!

2005-12-21 | New gig!

Canopy will be playing at H62(Stockholm) on the 11th of January. The gig is organized by Club 666. The tickets cost 50:- and are to be bought from us. Drop by our forum, or get in touch with us through e-mail to get your hands on a ticket!

2005-12-06 | Minor updates!

I've finally finished fixing all the comments and pictures for our gigs! You can check it all out here. I've also placed the Fan art that we've received here, please take a look at all of it! There are a couple of wallpapers there as well!The lyrics for 'Will and Perception' are also available! Remember, we still have a few T-shirts left for sale! We've also got reprints of 'Will and Perception' available as well!

2005-12-01 | New CD!

We're currently working our first full length album! The tenative title for the album is "Serene Catharsis" and it wil probably include 10 songs. Working songtitles are:
01. And Oceans
02. The Lie That You Once Told
03. Firmament (Part I)
04. Firmament (Part II)
05. Last Point of Reference
06. The Bleeding Earth
07. Concentric
08. ?
09. ?
10. ?

2005-10-30 | Gig reports + Videos!

For those of you who follow the happenings in our forum, you will have noticed that the video to 'For the Sickened Voice to Hear' has been released! Many thanks to PA for all the hard work he put into it! If you are experiencing slow download speeds, visit our forum for the mirrored sites.In other news, Canopy visited gothenburg on the 28th and played at 'The Crypt', together with two other bands, 'Ignatum' and 'Obduracy'. Many thanks to cnm for setting up that gig. Read more about the gig and view some pictures here.The first pressings of 'Will and Perception' has been sold out since quite some time, but are now available once again! The new pressing also features a slightly different artwork, and the video to 'For the Sickened Voice to Hear' as bonus material! If you are interested in ordering one, check out the 'Will and Perception' page here.

2005-10-04 | News

The gig at M&G was quite an interesting occasion. Read more about it at our forum.In other news, we've got a new gig confirmed. Canopy will be playing at The Crypt in Gothemburg on the 28th of October. More specific times and such will be presented soon.

We've also got t-shirts up for sale! Just click here to have a look at them! I will try to update the webpage with some commentaries about our previous gigs and live pictures! We've all been very busy as of lately, and sadly enough the webpage has come to suffer. But fret not, we've got a lot of new stuff coming up! Roughly 5 songs have been written, and we are currently working on the lyrics. The way it looks right now, we'll be recording towards the end of 2005, aiming for a release early 2006. The next release will probably be a full length CD. Much thanks to our friends Joel and Patricia for filming the gig at Gula Villan. The entire gig was filmed, and we're working on getting the 2.3gb file down to a more downloadable size. In further video news, we've shot a video for 'For the sickened Voice to Hear', which is currently being edited by our good friend P.A. The video will be available for download shortly!That's all for now, as always, visit our forum to get in touch with us!

2005-08-02 | New gigs

At the 16:th of September we will play M&G, a beerserving place in Valletuna. Since Canopy is the only band on the bill we might do a couple of special/extra tunes since we have a lot of time.

In addition to that we'll play Gothenburg at the 28:th of October the club is called "The Crypt" and is held at Järntoerget. More info to come.

2005-08-31 | EnterCanopy.com - Autumn edition

As we enter the fall, so does the look of this website! It's been a while since the last update. In addition to this new layout I have done minor updates (a little in the biography, new playlists for me and Fredrik and a couple of new links).

We have a bunch of new songs written, and will decide later which of them to record and how to deal with the recording. Some of you guys have already had a little preview at our latest gig. During this autumn we will also try to get more gigs, including gigs outside Stockholm.

It's a bit late, but we'd like to send a big "cheers!" to Amok, Subcyde and staff at Gula Villan for a cool night the thirteent of august!

2005-07-01 | Gig

There has been some further updates on the "band" page. And also, a new gig is at hand. We'll enter Gula Villan together with Amok and Subcyde at the 13th of August. Be sure to be there that saturday and take part in the headbanging and beerdrinking.

2005-06-28 | Summer report

So, what's been down lately? Peter and Erik went to relatives in Finland, Fredrik went to Hultsfred (blame NIN) Daniel went to the middle part of sweden (for a drunken weekend or something) and I stayed at home working on a new recording of a epos track by the project name of "lamp" (the song has nothing to do with Canopy though)

There has been slight updates today. We have one or two gigs in August, the one confirmed is taking place at the the cult-place "Gula Villan" in Haninge, with Schweiz-deathcrushers "Amok" and another yet to be confirmed band. It will be August 13th and there will be beer available, so join in for a heavy night.

I did a slight update on the "band" page with new pictures and new info for me and Peter, I think that the others will add new info to their profiles soon.

2005-06-11 | Forum is back

It happend quite a while ago, but I haven't had time to report it: The forum is back. It is exactly the same as it used to be, but with a new host. This is due to scandinavianmetal being closed for good.

You'll have to register yourself again, if you do it with your old forumnick you will get all your posts back, and if you change your name you can always ask Pat to attatch your posts again. Well, that's it. Additional updates of this page (new member-profiles etc.) are still to come.

2005-05-25 | Updates

It's been some not-canopy-related business goin on for a while (mainly me and Erik finsihing high-school studies) so its been a bit easy-going with rehearsals and website updates lately. Anyway, there are some updates to come - Updated member profiles as well as a bunch of new pictures.

In further news a brand new song has been pre-recorded. It (kind of accidently) ended up as a 9:15 song and it bears the working title "firmament". In it you'll have disgustingly slow parts, some grinding, a lot of grooving and both melody and disharmony, it's a cool track.

2005-04-30 | 'Will and Perception' mp3s now up !

All songs from the new EP 'Will and Perception' have now been placed online and are available for download. Please leave us your comments in our forum.

On the 13th of May, we will be playing a gig out in Skogås. More info about this to come soon!

2005-03-16 | Special Offer!

At the moment the number of copies of 'During Day One' are running quite low, and with the release of the new demo 'Will and Perception', we're offering a special 2-for-1 kind of deal! Buy both demos, for 10€/$15, shipping included!

NOTE: For this offer to work, use the following paypal buttons:
Offer has ended
For those of you interested in only buying the new demo 'Will and Perception', check out the discography section for ordering buttons!

16-03-05 - More details online
The discographypage has been updated. The cover of the new demo is available, once again made by PA. We had three different people suplying us with ideas, and we could only use one, we decided to go with PA since he also did take original photos for the artwork. Great thanks to Kristina Grubisic for her version too, hope it can come to use for some other purpose!

2005-03-15 | New song up for grabs

A new song is available in Mp3! The song is called decipher and will be the opening track of our new demo "Will and Perception". Get it!

2005-02-25 | Picutres from Club 666

Well, the pictures + comments from Club 666 are online, plus a new confirmed gig @ Lidingörock. As you may or may not know we have recorded all the instruments for the new demo, and if everything goes according to plan weäll finish the vocals and mixing during after-work-hours next week.

2005-02-04 | Back in the studio

And so studiolife has begun yet again for Canopy. Today we had the first session at "Modern art Studios" with Kristian Niemann. It wasn't a real day, just some hours testing out the drums (wherafter peter actually nailed two songs) More details on the discography page

2005-01-20 | DDO lyrics and livepage updated

I've finally fixed the live page with proper upcoming gigs and added the Alcazar gig to the past ones. In addition to that the lyrics for our "During Day One EP" are available at the discography page (at last).

2005-01-19 | Site back - Major update

Allright, I've set up a new computer and this site will be updated regulary again, yey! Well, whats going on? A lot is going on. We've just reached the semi-finals in the Emergenza competition after a rather succesfull gig at alcazar (nalen) yesterday. The setlist consisted of three songs from the DDO demo, one cover and one song from the upcoming demo. Yea, that's right, we have an upcoming demo.

The new EP will be called "Will and Perception" and consist of five killer tunes. We will record it in February in "modern art" and "midtown" studios. More info on that one later. And don't forget the Club 666 gig in the last news-post.

2004-12-29 | Gig

Updates of the page have been quite few as of lately, mainly due to the fact that Jonis' computer is no more. So here comes a quick little update. Canopy will be playing at Club666 on Feb 22. We will be accompanied by two other bands, namely The Searing I and Swedish Massacre. Tickets are 50 SEK and can be bought from us. Expect a night to remember! Death attack!

2004-10-13 | Live vid'

Canopy was caught on tape last friday, and we decided to put up a 7:40 livevideo for you guys to devour. The song is called Twilight and is a classic piece by Edge of Sanity. Enjoy_! - Download - Media section -

2004-10-07 | Gigz

Allrighto, two more dates for "During Tour One". We'll play Elverket in Lidingö October 22nd and there'll be a gig in Järfälla 12th of November. More details will be added later on. But don't sit around waiting for these dates if you read this today, see us tommorow @ Runan [Täby Kyrkby]!

I also updated the During day One Mp3s.

2004-10-04 | Time for an update

So, we've began to sell som copies of the during day one demo now, nice to see interest out there. About the gig on friday (8th of octo):
Venue: Runan Täby Kyrkby (åk roslagsbanan)
Time: To be confirmed, but around 19:00 is the time for the doors to open I think.
Bands: Canopy, Remembrance and A-Bros
Price: As cheap as possible :)

2004-09-25 | Finally

I've finally sent the acutal demo for mastering now, and Peter Almgren did a great work with the layout, the package will be kickass. Click here for info on ordering a demo. The price set is 40 SEK/5€/$8 with shipping included (the cheapest we could afford, since the production price for every copy is about 25 kr). For international prices and ways to order (pay-pal will be available) just contact us.
I have already announced this on the forum, but Dan Swanö did a guest-contribution to our demo with a guitarlead and some [clean] vocals for Symbiotic. Cool guy!

2004-09-01 | Live date

The second chance to see Canopy live is here! On the 8th of October (Friday) we'll take on the infamous "Runan" in Täby kyrkby. Demos will be available, and they won't be expensive. There will be two more bands on the bill, possibly Divine Dominion and Fear the Future. So come by, contribute with some headbangin' and keep the scene alive. See you there.

2004-08-25 | Mp3s!

Three out of four songs from the upcoming During Day One EP are available for download! They are not the absolutely final versions, but not at all far from. This Mp3 pre-realease is our thank you to everyone who keeps this scene alive, and I hope at least some of you will grab the actual demo later on (they will be sold in a highquality package). Anyway, check the discography or media for some pre-realease action.

2004-08-19 | Major update

More info about the upcoming EP on the discography page, including the cover! Also a link section added, and an interact section with our brand new official forum. We are currently working on some live-dates, and hopefully we have at least one confirmed soon. Cheers!

2004-08-04 | Demo recorded

Today we nailed the acoustic gutars, and erik did a couple of leads aswell, and now we can proudly anounce that the demo is recorded. I'll be finishing the mixes tommorow, and then probably send them to pregal media for mastering. I don't know about the wacken pre-realease, it feels a bit rushed at the moment, but we'll see about that.

2004-07-27 | Demo almost done

The vocals for the during day one demo are all done, and so are the rhythm gutiars since a while back. Some leadparts are recorded too, so it isn't much left now. The first realease will be in germany actually, so if you want to grab one of the first DDO EPs be sure to visit Wacken Open Air festival, and we'll gladly hand you one for a cool beer from the bar.

2004-07-19 | Update

Finally my internet connection is stable again, phew. In addition, Erik and I are back home from Arvika and ready to put some guitars on the EP. It was about two weeks since Daniel put the basstracks on tapes, so it's kind of about time (lazy homestudio behaviour). As a little bonus, watch the all silent movieclips from the recording so far, on the discography page.

2004-07-04 | Bass done

The bass for the During Day One demo are recorded! More info on the discography page.

2004-06-27 | Drums done

The drums for the During Day One demo are recorded. Next up is bass. More info on the discography-page.

2004-06-20 | Studio Diary

We're currently trying to produce some kind of demo at my place, and if you want to keep updated in this issue, check out the discography section now and then for my studio notes.

2004-05-29 | Live pictures

Some nice live pics taken by Pete [A-bros] during our gig at Nova are uploaded. reach them through the live section or the media section. A shortcut URL for this page is also available: www.canopyband.tk

2004-05-28 | Still updating

Well, there is a simple guestbook available now. I've also added Eriks info to the band page (all individual info-pages are online now) and fixed som typeos I will add a media section soon, and maybe som links. Oh, and Daniel had to create a new loggo for this webpage since the former one unfortunately turned out to use the same font as another band.

2004-05-27 | Updates, updates, updates

Allright, now you can find something biography-like in the "band" section plus individual info for every band member but Erik. I've also removed all broken links and replaced them with temporary templates. I also added Peters comment regarding the Nova gig.

2004-05-26 | Further updates | Fredrik Huldtgren

The page is still growing. All sections are still incomplete, but I've added some information about myself on the bandpage and little comment on the latest livegig. All pictures from that gig are not available yet, but they will be in a couple of days.

Tags: new homepage,bio,biography

2004-04-25 | Canopy Online! | Fredrik Huldtgren

I am proud to announce the first version of the official Canopy homepage. Keep checking this page for updates regarding the band. For starters, I will put up some pictures and comments from the gig @ Nova/Vallentuna which took place last Saturday.

Tags: new homepage,vallentuna,Nova