28th of March 2005

Modern art studios, Hässelby and
Midtown studios, Sveavägen

Produced by:
Kristian Niemann and Ola Englund,
Drumtech: Sami Karrpinen

Ola Englund

Ola Englund
Logo & Artwork:
Peter Ahlmgren

Kristain Niemann -
Guitarsolo in Will
John Råd Juvas -
Add. Growl in Will
Vic Bristol -
Percussion in Decipher
M. Magnusson -
Piano in Will

01. Decipher
Music: Hedlin/Lindqvist
Lyrics: Huldtgren

02. Perception
Music: Hedlin/Ahlm
Lyrics: Huldtgren

03. For the Sickened voice to hear
Music: Hedlin
Lyrics: Huldtgren/Hedlin

04. Void
Music: Hedlin/Lindqvist
Lyrics: Hedlin

05. Will
Music & lyrics: Hedlin


Bonus Video*:
For the Sickened Voice to Hear
[created by: Peter Ahlmgren]

Running time: 27:39

*The bonus video appears on the
reprinted version of 'Will and Perception' only.
The first printings of 'Will and Perception'
are completely sold out.